Date of Birth : 03-09-1951
Civil Status : Married
Religion : Buddhism
Profession / Occupation : Farming

Political Career

Joined the SLFP in 1968; 

1971- Incacerated by political enemies on trumped up charges of political agitations. Acquitted and dischrged from prison in 1972; 1978 - Employed in Government Servince; Selected by SLFP to participate in the World Youth Council Conference held in Havana, Cuba. Government refused leave to attend the conference for political reasons - Resigned from the government service and dedicated entirely for the party;

President of the SLFP Youth Congress - 1981;Member of SLFP Polite Bureau -1983;

1989 - Nominated by SLFP to contest Polonnaruwa Electorate for the Parliamentary Elections and was elected by the electorate with a substantial majority. This was the first entry to House of Parliament. Thereafter, continously represented the Polonnaruwa Electorate in Parliament been elected in all Parliamentary Elections held in year; 1994, 2000,2001 and 2004;

Taken into custody for opposing to the imposition of civic disabilities on Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike's Civic Rights in 1996.

During the span of 15 years of uninterupted service in Parliament- held several ministerial appoinments of Cabinet rank in the Government, and appointed the Leader of the House of Parliament (13th Parliament).

As of date (2006) the Cabinet Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Mahaweli Development and the Minister of Environment;

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