Nomination Requirements

The provisions with regard to nomination requirements are contained in the Parliamentary Elections Act No. 1 of 1981 as amended. Section 10 of this Act provides that the proclamation of the President dissolving Parliament shall specify the "nomination period" during which nomination papers will be received by the Returning Officer and the date on which the poll shall be taken. After the proclamation, every recognized political party intending to contest an election shall, within seven days, notify the Commissioner of its intention to so contest in writing (vide section 11) and the Commissioner should assign an approved symbol for such political party. Any dispute as to an approved symbol is finally decided by the Commissioner of Elections.

In terms of Article 99(3) of the Constitution of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, a recognized political party or a group of independent candidates could submit one nomination paper setting out the names of the candidates for each electoral district. The nomination paper should contain candidates equivalent to the number of members to be declared elected for the particular electoral district increased by three. The nomination paper shall be substantially as appearing in Form A of the first schedule to the Act. Each candidate has to endorse his consent to be nominated and the nomination paper has to be signed by the Secretary of the political party or the leader of the independent group, whose signature shall be attested by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public.

The nomination paper should be delivered to the Returning Officer at his office during normal office hours within the specified period by the Secretary of the particular recognized political party or his authorized agent.

The Returning Officer is obliged to make a copy of each nomination paper received by him and display it on his notice board.

In terms of section 16 of the Parliamentary Elections Act No. 1 of 1981, a group leader of an independent group has to make a deposit of a sum of Rupees 2000/= at the time of submitting the nomination paper and this deposit is forfeiter if the independent group does not poll more than 1\8 th of the total polled at the particular election.

Nomination papers may be rejected as provided for in section 19, if it has not been delivered as provided for in law; if it does not contain the number of candidates as required, if any of the candidates has not subscribed his consent or if the signature of the recognized political party or group leader is not contained or is not attested as required by law. Objections to nomination papers are received between 12 noon and 1.30 pm on the last date of the nomination period.

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Last Updated on 28-08-2012

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