Ceremonial Opening of Parliament

The President is empowered to prorogue Parliament under 70 (1) of the Constitution. According to 33 (2) (a) of the Constitution the President shall have the power to make the Statement of the Government Policy in Parliament at the commencement of each session of Parliament. Under 33 (2) (b) of the Constitution, the President shall have power to preside at ceremonial sittings of Parliament.


The First Meeting of the First Parliament was held on 14th October 1947. The ceremonial sitting was presided by the Governor Sir Henry Monck-Mason Moore. He read out the Throne Speech which was debated and voted.


The Third Session of the Second Parliament was held on 12th April 1954. Queen Elisabeth II ceremonially opened the Parliament and delivered the Throne Speech which was not debated.


Subsequently, first sessions had been commenced with or without ceremonial openings.


With the promulgation of the new Constitution on 7th September 1978, the President delivered the Policy Statement of the Government instead of the Throne Speech at the commencement of new sessions. According to the current practice, it is neither debated nor put to the vote.

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