Rules & Procedure

At a Parliamentary meeting, an adjournment motion could be moved by a Backbencher when the main Business of the Parliament ends.


An hour is allocated for such an adjournment motion, which must be of an urgent public importance.


Instead of an adjournment motion, the Standing Orders of Parliament permits also to ask questions at the adjournment time.


The Speaker may not allow such a motion or questions if it is not adhered to the Standing Orders of Parliament.


When the debate on the Appropriation Bill is going on, only 30 minutes will be reserved for the Motion at the Adjournment Time or for the Adjournment Questions.


The Member of Parliament who wishes to present the Motion at the Adjournment Time shall forward the motion to the Secretary General of Parliament before 12.00 noon of the previous day through the Chief Government Whip or the Chief Opposition Whip.


A copy of the motion is forwarded by the Secretary-General of Parliament to the Secretary to the Leader of House of Parliament to be sent to the respective Ministry.


However, if the subject matter of such a motion is under judicial consideration or if a similar proposal has been debated in the same Session of the Parliament, it is not permitted.


When a Member of Parliament proposes Motion at the Adjournment Time, it shall be seconded by another Member of Parliament, and at the end of the debate, the Minister in charge of the subject replies and the time shall be allocated for the Government and the opposition for 30 minutes each for the debate.


There is no provision for a division on a debate on the Motion at the Adjournment Time.



Adjournment Motions discussed with the agreement of the Committee on Parliamentary Business


An adjournment debate may be held after allocation of more than one hour or an entire day debate after a date and time is determined as per the decision of the Committee on Parliamentary Business, by the Leaders of political parties or their representatives.



Utility of Adjournment Motions


It’s a strategy that a backbencher could bring the attention of the Minister in charge at a short notice on a specific matter of urgent public importance.


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