Adjournment Motions


Adjournment of Parliament

Adjournment of Parliament till next Sitting day.


However, in case of an adjournment of more than forty-eight days, the Speaker may convene Parliament on a request made by the Prime Minister.


After completion of main Business scheduled for the day, an hour will be allocated to discuss a matter of urgent public importance, before adjourn to the next day.



Types of Adjournment Motions


a. Discussing issues of urgent public importance. (See Parliament Standing Order No.19)
b. Allocation of an hour for a "Motion at the Adjournment Time" after the completion of the main Business (See Parliament Standing Order No. 20)
c. Motions which can be moved as per the decision of the Committee on Parliamentary Business.



Adjournment Motions

(Parliament Standing Order No.19)


In making such an adjournment motion, prior to the commencement of the meeting, a written notice should be submitted to obtain the Speaker's consent. The permission of the Parliament shall also be obtained.


When it is not permitted by Parliament, a motion could be made upon and when 20 or more Members of Parliament would stand up from their seats and support the request.


Such an approved motion could be taken up at 5.30 p.m. Only one motion could be moved on a single day.


Further, at the time when the speaker refuses to give his consent, the respective Member of Parliament will be allowed to read the approved portion of the resolution. The speaker shall declare to the House the reasons for refusing.


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