First Referendum

Date of Poll : 22nd December 1982 (Gaz. 219/2 of 14.11.1982)
Proposal : "Do you approve the Bill entitled 'the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution' published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 218/23 of November 13, 1982, which provides inter alia that 'unless sooner dissolved the First Parliament shall continue until August 4, 1989, and no longer and shall thereupon stand dissolved?'"


No. of votes given in favour of the proposal (Lamp) 3,141,223
No. of votes given against the proposal (Pot) 2,605,983
Total valid votes 5,747,206
No. of votes rejected 21,456
Whole No. of Electors 8,145,015

Second Referendum

Date of Poll : 21st August 2001 (Gaz. 1192/16 of 10.07.2001)
Proposal : "Is a new Constitution a matter of national importance and necessity needed for the Country?"

Postponed the date of poll to 18th October 2001. (Gaz. 1196/18 of 07.08.2001)

Revoked the proclamation published in Gaz. No. 1192/16 of 10.07.2001 as varied by Gaz. 1196/18 of 07.08.2001 on 02.09.2001 by Gaz. 1199/30

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