Department of Catering and Housekeeping

With the relocation of the Parliament of Sri Lanka in a sprawling new building complex in Sri Jayawardanapura, Kotte in 1982, the Catering and Housekeeping Department was established as its newest department under the technical and professional expertise and consultation of internationally recognized premier five-star hotel Lanka Oberoi. Subsequently the Department was absorbed in to the staff of the Hon. Speaker of the Parliament.

The Department which comes under the purview of the Director Operations plays an important and prominent role in the day to day operations of the Parliament and has four major subdivisions i.e. kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping and accounts.

Primarily, there are twelve main food & beverage service outlets including five exclusive restaurants, cafeterias, VVIP dining suites and other types of service outlets. Five of them are operated on daily basis and caters for 1000- 1200 people on non-sitting days of the Parliament.

On special days when the Department functions to its full scale capacity, it caters for around 1500 persons including His Excellency the President, the Hon. Prime Minister, the Hon. Speaker and the Hon Ministers and the Hon. Members of Parliament and their visitors, foreign diplomats, local dignitaries, visiting government officials, all members of the Parliament staff and other auxiliary departments, officers of the chief government and opposition whips and the department of police.

The other main function of the Department is to attend all housekeeping requirements of the four storied building and its premises including the large parking and gardening areas thus ensuring a very high standard of hygiene and sanitation which facilitates the members of the staff to carry out their duties with maximum efficiency.
The most valuable asset of this Department is the highly qualified staff numbering over 260 with diversified skills and years of professional experience who discharge their duties with dedication and commitment.

R. H. Edirisinghe

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