Department of Administration

The Role of the Administration Department

The Parliamentary Staffs Act. No. 9 of 1953 made legal provisions for the administration of the Parliament as a distinct and separate Institution of the Government. A body known as the Staff Advisory Committee headed by the Speaker consisting of the Minister of Finance, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition to take policy decisions relating to the Administration of the staff and to make necessary regulations have also been setup in keeping with the provisions under the relevant act.

The Staff of Parliament functions under a Secretary General of Parliament who is appointed under article 65 of the Constitution. The Secretary General also functions as the Secretary to the Staff Advisory Committee.

The primary role of the Administration Department is to contribute strategically to focus on the personal development and wellbeing of the staff of the Secretary-General of Parliament to enable them to effectively perform their functions in a competitive environment. 

It has been identified that in a rapidly changing environment, for the successful accomplishment of the goals and challenges in the supreme institution and for the purpose of being quantitatively and qualitatively viable in all areas, dynamic personnel are needed with right attitudes and knowledge to meet strategic implementation of decisions.

For the achievement of these objectives, having recognized the responsibilities the staff of the Administration Department is devotedly committed for the progress, development and wellbeing of the staff of the Secretary-General of Parliament. For this purpose, while continuously striving to make a difference, the Administration Department is vested with the authority to determine and frame the HR policies to steer the Institution in its course by right policies, decisions and actions in HR management.

Our personnel are our greatest asset. We have, therefore, identified that our values should be based on openness, one HR/Approach, ideas through communication – up, down and centre, by sharing resources in support of one HR community.


The main functions coming under the purview of the Director (Administration) are as follows:

  1. Implementation of the strategic decisions in relation to the Human Resource Development needs in the Parliamentary Secretariat.
  2. Develop, communicate and implement HR Policies and Succession Plans of the Secretariat.
  3. Introduce competency-based job description, recruitment, placement, performance management and training.
  4. Review, improve and implement policies relating to recruitment, placement, mobility, career and skills development, performance evaluation, compensation & research management and career advancement.
  5. Review and implement career and skills development plans.
  6. Development of the Electronic Human Resource Database for efficient staff deployment.
  7. Review and improve Staff Disciplinary Procedure.
  8. Develop a suitable Administrative Manual in keeping with the provisions available in the Parliamentary Staff Act. No. 9 of 1953.
  9. Conducting high level training and Human Resource Development Programme for personnel development.
  10. Active participation in staff management, through strategic decision implementation and monitoring of HR policies and procedure to enhance the capability of the human capital.
  11. Effective participation in implementation of a modern performance management system.
  12. Operations, maintenance etc. of the fleet of vehicles of the Parliamentary Secretariat.
  13. Matters coming under the purview of the Members’ Services Office.


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