Department of Finance & Supplies

The Finance and Supplies Department plays a key role in the management of Parliament. The Director Finance is the Head of the Department of Finance and Supplies. As the Accounting Officer, he is on hand to advice and report directly to the Secretary General of Parliament on financial matters.

The ‘Finance & Accounts’ and ‘Supplies & Services’ offices are headed by two Assistant Directors, while the ‘Catering – Accounts’ office is headed by an Accountant.


The main functions coming under the purview of the Director Finance is to fulfil the general responsibility as the accounting officer, and to provide comptrollership functions in order to ensure Finances are managed according to the Government financial regulations, legislations, policies and procedures.

This includes –

  1. Preparing the budget, conducting financial analysis and monitoring funds, preparing financial reports, developing and implementing an effective system of accounting, managing the payroll system and maintaining the system of accurate internal financial control.
  2. Provide leadership and direction to the staff of the three sections , to ensure efficient use of human resources to fulfil all the functions of the Finance & Supplies Department.


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