Legislative Standing Committee

There shall be a Committee to be designated the Legislative Standing Committee consisting of the Deputy Speaker as the Chair, the Deputy Chairperson of Committees and 10 other Members nominated by the Committee of Selection.

The Committee of Selection may also decide on the number of co-opted members to serve on the Committee representing both government and the opposition and the Speaker is empowered to nominate such Members.

The quorum of the Committee shall be three members.

The duty of this Legislative Standing Committee shall be limited to the consideration of the Bills/Proposed Statutes referred to it by Parliament.

For the performance of its duties the Committee shall have power to send for persons, papers and records.

The Chair of the Legislative Standing Committee shall have an original vote and if the votes be equally divided, he shall also have a casting vote.

The Member in charge of any Bill referred to this Legislative Standing Committee, if not a member of the Committee, shall have the right to attend any meeting at which such Bill shall be under discussion and to address the Committee upon the Bill, and to move amendments and vote as a member of the Committee upon any question arising in connection with such Bill.

The procedure in the Legislative Standing Committee shall be as nearly as may be the same as that in Committee of the whole Parliament and the minutes of the Legislative Standing Committee shall be kept in the same form as those of a Committee of the whole Parliament and shall be reported to Parliament within the time limit, if any, laid down by Parliament, together with the Bill/Proposed Statute and the report thereon.

Provided, that where at the conclusion of a session the Legislative Standing Committee has not completed its deliberations and presented its report to Parliament, the proceedings of that Committee shall stand referred to the Legislative Standing Committee to which the Bill/Proposed Statute may be referred in the next session.

[Refer Standing Order No.113]

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