Select Committees

These are Ad-hoc Committees appointed from time to time as per the requirements. Each Committee is appointed by a resolution of Parliament to inquire into and report to the House on a particular matter referred to such Committee.

The scope of an inquiry by these Committees is defined by the Terms of Reference under which they are appointed, but it may be enlarged or restricted by the instruction of Parliament. The Chairman and members are appointed by the Speaker.

A Select Committee consists of not more than twelve members. But this can be increased with the leave of Parliament. Parliament empowers these Committees to send for persons, papers and records.

Powers, duties and functions of the Select Committees are given in Standing Orders Nos. 100-110.

A Select Committee may be appointed by resolution of Parliament. (SO No. 100)

A Select Committee shall not, without the leave of Parliament, consist of more than twelve Members. A motion for such leave requires notice. (SO No. 101)

The scope of an inquiry by a Select Committee shall be determined by the terms of the Order under which it is appointed but it may be enlarged or restricted by the instructions of Parliament. Such Order shall specify the time for the presentation of the final report of the Committee provided that the Parliament may extend such time period to a specified date as it deems appropriate. (SO No. 102)

The Chair and Members of every Select Committee shall be appointed by the Speaker. In the absence of the Chair, any Member of the Committee chosen by the Members present, shall chair for that meeting. (SO No. 103)

The Committee shall hold its first meeting at such time and place as may be appointed by the Chair. Meetings after the first meeting shall be held at such times and places as the Committee may determine. (SO No. 104)

Four Members of a Select Committee shall unless otherwise ordered form the quorum. (SO No. 105)

In case where a vacancy occurs in any such Committee, the Speaker may appoint, from time to time, another Member to take the place of such Member on a Select Committee. Any Member who absents from three consecutive meetings of a Select Committee without having obtained the prior leave of the Committee shall be deemed to have vacated his membership of such Committee. Every appointment under this Standing Order shall be announced to Parliament at its next meeting. (SO No. 106)

The Chair of a Select Committee shall have an original vote. If the votes cast be equally divided, he may exercise a casting vote. (SO No. 107)

If it is desired to enable a Select Committee to which a Bill or matter has been referred to hear evidence thereon, Parliament may by resolution empower that Committee to summon persons and call for papers and records, and any Committee on which such powers have been conferred shall have leave to report their opinions and observations together with the minutes of evidence taken before them to Parliament and to make a special report of any matter which they may think fit to bring to the notice of Parliament. (SO No. 108)

A Select Committee may continue its investigations although Parliament may be adjourned or prorogued and shall not be dissolved until the presentation to Parliament of its report or by motion of Parliament. (SO No. 109)

The names of the Members present each day at the sitting of any Select Committee, the names of the witnesses examined and in the event of any division taking place, the question proposed, the name of the proposer and the respective votes thereupon of the Members present, shall be entered in the minutes of the proceedings of the Committee and such minutes of proceedings together with the minutes of evidence shall be reported to Parliament and printed with the report of the Committee. (SO No. 110)

Once the report of a Select Committee is presented to Parliament, a motion will be moved by the Leader of the House to print the report, which motion will not require notice under Standing Order 28. [refer to SO 28(c) ]

The report will be available for the public after printing, and will be published on the Parliament Website.

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