Committees for Special Purposes

Chairperson of the Committees

The Speaker is the Chairperson of the Committee of Selection, the Committee on Parliamentary Business, the Committee on Standing Orders, the House Committee, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Liaison Committee.

The Chairperson of the rest of the Committees for special purposes are elected from among the members of the Committee. [refer SO 127(1) ]

The Chairperson of the Select Committees are appointed by the Speaker.



Meetings of a Committee shall be summoned by the Chair.

In the absence of the Chair any other Member elected by the Committee shall preside.

The Chair shall have an original vote and if the votes cast be equally divided the Chair shall have a casting vote.



Unless otherwise specified in the Standing Orders the quorum shall be three members and shall be the duty of the Chairman of such Committee not to function without the required quorum.


Vacation of membership

Any Member who absents himself from three consecutive meetings without having obtained the prior leave of such Committee, shall be deemed to have vacated his membership of such Committee:

Provided that, the preceding provisions shall not apply where any meeting of such Committee is held on a day falling within the period during which such Member has, with the leave of Parliament first obtained, absents himself from Sittings of Parliament.


Filling of vacancies

Unless otherwise specified in the Standing Orders, vacancies shall be filled by the Committee of Selection.


[ for Procedure in Special Purpose Committees, refer to SO 127 ]

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