Ministerial Consultative Committees

The Committee of Selection shall, at the commencement of every Session, of Parliament and from time to time as necessity may arise appoint a number of Ministerial Consultative Committees corresponding to the number of Ministries of the Cabinet.

The Chairperson of a Ministerial Consultative Committee shall be the Cabinet Minister in charge of the relevant subjects and functions.

Provided that in the case of the Ministries which are in charge of the President, the Deputy Minister of those Ministries shall be the Chairman of such Consultative Committees.

A Ministerial Consultative Committee shall comprise of-

a. the Cabinet Minister in- charge of the relevant subject as Chairperson;
b. the State Minister;
c. the Deputy Minister; and
d. five other Members of Parliament nominated by the Committee of Selection.

The duty of the Ministerial Consultative Committee is to discuss such matters as are referred to the Committee by any Member of Parliament.

Apart from the Members of the Committee, any other Member may also attend the meetings of the Committee with the permission of the Chairperson of that Committee.

The Committee shall meet once a month and shall report its findings to Parliament within two weeks of their meeting.

The meetings of the Committee shall be summoned in consultation with the Secretary to the respective Ministry.

The Committee shall have the power to summon before it and question any person, call for and examine any paper, book, record or other documents.

General Rules for Committees shall apply to Ministerial Consultative Committees.


Sub Committees

refer to the 'General Rules for Committees'

[Refer Standing Order No.112]

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