Speaker of the Seventh Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


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Name : Chamal Jayantha Rajapaksa
Portfolio : Speaker of the Parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Date of Birth : 30th October 1942
Family Status : Married to Mrs. Chandra Malini Rajapaksa and has two sons. Elder son is the Chief Minister of Uva Province and the Custodian of Sri Skandakumara Maha Devalaya, Katharagama which is one of the holiest places of worship in Sri Lanka. Younger son functions as the Private Secretary to the Hon. Minister of Finance and Planning.

The Hon. Chamal Jayantha Rajapaksa is the eldest son of the late Hon. D. A. Rajapaksa, Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and Deputy Speaker of Parliament who was a leading politician in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, and elder brother of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka. Nine members of the Rajapaksa family have been Members of Parliament of Sri Lanka.
Educational Background : Educated at Richmond College, Galle, which is a prestigious educational institution in Sri Lanka.
Career in the Public Service : Entered the Public Service of Sri Lanka as a Police Officer serving in the Police Force for more than eight years. Served the State Trading General Corporation as the Asst. General Manager before getting into active politics in 1985.
Political Career : Contested the by-election held in 1985 for Mulkirigala Electorate.

Entered Parliament in 1989 as a Member of Parliament of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party representing Hambantota District. Has been a Member of Parliament continuously since 1989, retaining his seat in all elections held to date.

Prior to the present appointment as Speaker of the Parliament he has held the following portfolios.

- Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Lands
- Deputy Minister of Ports & Southern Development
- Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries
- Minister of Agricultural Development
- Minister of Irrigation & Water Management
- Minister of Ports & Aviation
Honorary Titles received : "Sri Lanka Janaseva Vibhushana"
Other positions held : 1. President, Sri Lanka – Russia Parliamentary Friendship Association
2. President, Sri Lanka – Hungary Parliamentary Friendship Association
3. Chairman, District Development Committee, Hambantota

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