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Members of Parliament are entitled to receive certain essential amenities such as telephones, postal facilities, stationary; accommodation facilities, medical facilities etc. for the efficient discharge / performance of their duties as legislators. The Members’ Services office is geared to attend to these aspects of the legislators in general.

In addition, this Office maintains a nineteen-roomed Holiday Bungalow – “General’s House” in Nuwara Eliya exclusively for Members of Parliament and their families.

Madiwela Housing Complex consisting of 120 housing units, each with a floor area of 900 sq ft. consisting of 03 bedrooms, a pantry, living/dining area, servant’s toilet and a parking space is also available for occupation for eligible Members on rent basis and the maintenance of such house units becomes an important duty of this office.

The Members’ Services office attends provisioning of certain services to the official residence of the Hon. Speaker as well.

The House Committee, a Parliamentary Committee that considers and advises upon all matters connected with the comfort and convenience of Members of Parliament, with the Hon. Speaker as Chairman, is serviced by this Office.

The Members’ Services office oversees the management of the above functions, activities and institutions with a view to ensuring the recipients of aforesaid services are well satisfied.

Functions handled by the Members’ Services office 

  • Provides advice and administrative services in relation to Members’ entitlements, facilities and co-ordinate various other activities as and when necessary.
  • Provides:-
    • Official residential telephones to Members of Parliament
    • Stationary on monthly basis
    • Postal facilities
    • Security lamps
    • Hospital facilities
  • Allocation of houses for Members of Parliament from the Madiwela Housing Scheme.
  • Reservation of rooms for Members of Parliament from the General’s House, Nuwara- Eliya.
  • Settlement of official telephone bills of Members of Parliament.
  • Settlement of telephone, water, electricity bills of Madiwela Housing Units, Official residence of the Hon. Speaker and General’s House, Nuwara-Eliya.
  • Co-ordination of repairs/maintenance work in respect of Madiwela Housing Units and General’s House, Nuwara-Eliya with the Co-ordinating Engineer’s Department.
  • Co-ordination of medical insurance coverage for Members of Parliament with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Co-ordination of supply of office equipment to Members of Parliament through the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Settlement of Assessments, Taxes pertaining to Madiwela Housing Scheme, General’s House Nuwara-Eliya, and the official residence of the Hon. Speaker.
  • Attend the secretarial duties of the House Committee (Covering, Servicing, Keeping minutes and records of files)


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