2nd Summit of the Parliamentary Committee on Communal and Religious Harmony in Sri Lanka

Date : 29-06-2018

The Second Summit of the Parliamentary Committee on Communal and Religious Harmony in Sri Lanka was successfully concluded on 29th June, 2018 in the Committee Room No. 01 of the Parliamentary Complex under the patronage of the Hon. Speaker of the Parliament amidst a distinguished gathering of the most respected religious leaders belonging to all religions and top government officials.


During the above Summit, various key topics related to communal and religious harmony in Sri Lanka were discussed in depth and later it was unanimously agreed to establish a Parliamentary Select Committee under the Chairmanship of the Hon. Speaker and consisting of Members of Parliament of both sides representing all ethnic groups and religions in order to streamline this process and arrive at conclusions with the aim of making such decisions to action.


Also it was decided to conduct awareness programmes, workshops on regional basis once in two months, in order to educate the respective parties and build communal and religious harmony and the first of such workshops will be held on 06th August, 2018 in Kandy.


At the end of the Summit, a press briefing was conducted with the participation of the Hon. Speaker and religious leaders, where they summarised the day’s proceedings and the ideas aired.



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