Business of the House for August 24, 2017

Date : 24-08-2017

The Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, the Speaker took the Chair.

Announcements by the Speaker

‘A’ :  Meeting of the Committee on Parliamentary Business

Presentation of Papers

Annual Reports of the;

(i) Marine Environment Protection Authority for the year 2015
(ii) Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau for the year 2014
(iii) National Lotteries Board for the year 2015
(iv) Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Limited for the year 2014/2015

(v) Report on Financial Performance of the Second Quarter for the year 2017

(vi) Order made by the Minister of Higher Education and Highways under Section 27(1) of the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978 on the recommendation of the University Grants Commission with regard to the establishment of Faculty of Technology in Eastern University and Published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2002/35 of 18th January 2017

Presentation of Petitions

(i) Hon. Nihal Galappaththi                   
(ii) Hon. Thushara Indunil Amarasena

(Petitions stands referred to the Committee on Public Petitions)

Main Business of the House for Today

Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Bill

Debated and adjourned until tomorrow (25.08.2017).

Motion at the Adjournment Time

Motion at the Adjournment Time on “Expansion of the programme on granting of free hold deeds to permit holders of lands which is being currently implemented by the government” was proposed by the Hon. (Prof.) Ashu Marasinghe.

The Parliament was, thereafter adjourned at 1923 Hrs. until 1030 Hrs. on Friday 25th August 2017.




*  This is an unedited version. For the official record of this day's proceedings, please refer the Hansard.


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