Question Asked By Hon. Chaminda Wijesiri


Hon. Chaminda Wijesiri,— To ask the Minister of Petroleum Resources Development,—

(a) Will he inform this House —

(i) whether oil tanks belonging to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation are located at the Trincomalee harbor;

(ii) if so, of the number of such oil tanks;

(iii) whether oil tanks belonging to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation have been leased out;

(iv) if so, of the names of the institutions and countries to which the abovementioned tanks have been leased; and

(v) whether information on the income earned by the Corporation by leasing the aforementioned oil tanks after the good governance government came to power will be submitted seperately on per year basis?

(b) If not, why?


: Petroleum Resources Development
: Hon. Chaminda Wijesiri
: United National Party (UNP)
Requested for 2 weeks time on 2018-06-21

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