Question Asked By Hon. D. V. Chanaka


Hon. D.V. Chanaka,— To ask the Minister of Ports and Shipping,—

(a) Will he inform this House —

(i) of the total extent of lands that would be awarded through the agreement to privatize the Hambantota Port and of the basis on which the lands would be awarded;

(ii) whether a rental will be charged for the lands that are leased for the operations terminal under this agreement;

(iii) whether either of the two companies with which the agreement has been entered into will be given the right to construct the third and the fourth phases of this port;

(iv) if so, of the basis on which such right will be given; 

(v) whether the 110-acres island that was built at the second phase of the Hambantota Port will be given to either of these two companies;

(vi) if so, of the basis on which it will be awarded;

(vii) whether a valuation has been obtained for this either from a local company or an international company; and

(viii) if not, of the basis on which the value of that island was determined?

(b) If not, why?


: Ports and Shipping
: Hon. D. V. Chanaka
: United People's Freedom Alliance(UPFA)
Requested for 1 months time on 2018-06-21
Requested for 1 months time on 2018-08-10

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