Question Asked By Hon. T. Ranjith De Zoysa


Hon. T. Ranjith De Soyza,— To ask the Minister of Social Welfare and Primary Industries,—

(a) Will he inform this House—

(i) the total extent of land under cinnamon cultivation in Sri Lanka;

(ii) the annual production of cinnamon in Sri Lanka in metric tons;

(iii) of the world cinnamon requirement, the percentage produced in Sri Lanka;  and

(iv) the annual income from the import of cinnamon?

(b) Will he also inform this House—

(i) separately, in respect of each year from the year 2010 up to now, the number of acres in which cinnamon is cultivated anew;

(ii) whether there has been a gradual decrease in the extent of land cinnamon is cultivated; and

(iii) if there has been such a decrease of lands cinnamon is cultivated, the reasons for same?

(c) If not, why?


: Social Welfare and Primary Industries
: Hon. T. Ranjith De Zoysa
: United People's Freedom Alliance(UPFA)
Requested for 1 weeks time on 2018-08-09

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