Question Asked By Hon. Ananda Aluthgamage


Hon. Ananda Aluthgamage,— To ask the Minister of Industry and             Commerce,—

(a) Will he inform this House—

(i) the number of Lanka CWE branches in the Kandy District;

(ii) the addresses of those branches;

(iii) the names, addresses and posts of persons recruited from the year 2010 up to now for the said CWE branches;

(iv) the method adopted for the said recruitment; and

(v) the measures to be taken by the Ministry to expand the Lanka CWE network in the Kandy District?

(b) If not, why?


: Industry and Commerce
: Hon. Ananda Aluthgamage
: United National Party (UNP)
Requested for 2 weeks time on 2018-06-07
Requested for 2 weeks time on 2018-09-18

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